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These are the original Android mascot designs — and they are very creepy

androidmascot2 [1]

When you see the Android logo these days, it’s instantly recognizable. Maybe not as recognizable yet as the Windows or Apple logo yet since those have been around for much longer, but you know what I mean. It’s cute, simple and even iconic.

So what comes to mind when you see the designs shown above and below? Cute? Simple? Iconic? Definitely not, I’m sure. They might even be a little creepy.

androidmascot1 [2]

androidmascot3 [3]

On a post on Google+, Dan Morill of Google, who is responsible for these initial designs, says that he put them together for a presentation inside Google in which they introduced the Android API’s to the company’s developers. Irina Blok then went on to create the design that we see today.

Sorry Dan, I’m glad these guys aren’t Androids mascots.

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