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Samsung unveils the ‘world’s first’ curved OLED TV

Curved_OLED-TV_2 [1]

It seems like Samsung is really into curving and bending displays [2] these days. While the implementation of a curved screen on a phone has yet to prove its worth, benefits from a TV screen like this could be pretty nice to have.

Samsung describes it as having an ‘IMAX feel,’ as well as creating a more panoramic and immersive experience for the user. They also that it even improves viewing angles from the side, but I’m finding that hard to believe and will have to hold judgement on that until I see it in person. Sure, if you’re looking at it from one side you should see the further side a little better because of the curve, but what about the curve closer to you? I’m sure Samsung’s engineers have thought of that one already. For now, this TV is looking much more enticing that a certain other one with a ‘revolutionary design.’ [3]

What do you guys think? Curved OLED or TV on an easel-like frame? My vote goes to the curved OLED. Hey Samsung, why not do a curved OLED on an easel?! Maybe next CES.

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