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Car smashes into Apple Store in Chicago

applestorecrash [1]

In one of the more bizarre Apple-related stories recently, shoppers at the Lincoln Park Apple Store in Chicago got the quite surprise when a car decided to drive into the store — by crashing through the store’s front glass wall.

While the car managed to smash one of the display tables into a wall and litter the floor with glass shards, nobody was seriously injured in the accident. There was also supposedly no sign of snow on the ground outside the store, so it’s still not clear how the driver managed to drive off of the street and into the store. Maybe he hates Apple that much? Maybe it’s the opposite and he refuses to use anything but Apple Maps?

Either way, the important thing is that nobody was seriously hurt. Drive safe, everyone!

[via The Verge [2], image via RGR3 (Twitter) [3]]