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[Windows 8] Fhotoroom makes editing images easy

Screenshot.27581.1000004 [1]Fhotoroom an award winning app photo app on Windows Phone. It is a simple yet powerful app which offers a lot of advanced features with an easy to use UI. This app is definitely a must for all those who want to make their photos look great but don’t want to bother with the intricacies of Photoshop and other advanced image editing software.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality                  

Fhotoroom is an image editing app offering advanced features with a simple UI.




Fhotoroom is perfect for users looking for a hassle free experience in photo editing yet great advanced features. For all you Windows Phone users, Fhotoroom may seem familiar. This app offers more than 76+ image editing styles. This is quite a high number for free app, and the most I have come across in the Windows Store.

Screenshot.27581.1000000 [2]The UI is very simple and easy to use. Though, it is quite apparent that many of the Windows 8 design features aren’t used. More on this later. But once you tinker around a little bit, you can easily get the hang of it and then use it. Also a nice feature is the editing brush. For those of you with a touch input, you would love this feature. You get use the brush with finger strokes to adjust saturation, brightness, softness and exposure. Also, there are many frames and effects which are unique to this app. All this makes it fun to use.

But, the UI starkly misses the Windows 8 design principles. Instead of using the charms bar for settings, there is a dedicated button for it. Also, this app doesn’t use left click feature so prominently used in other apps. This app requires more optimization for Windows 8.

The app to begin with has no sharing options. This is ridiculous, because photo editing and social media go hand in hand. I actually expected more social media integration, but you couldn’t even share photo with the Charms bar. Also an option to snap photos directly from the app and editing it would have been useful.

There are many other great features that are locked away in the PRO version like Red Eye Removal, Lens Correction, Denoise, ColorSplash, Panorama Rotate, Chromatic Correction, and working with Photos up to 5128 x 5128.

Conclusion and download link

This app is a must for all people looking for easy photo editing. Though it does miss some obvious features which the developers shouldn’t have overlooked, this doesn’t kill the app. The app does what it does best. Editing. So for all you Facebook and Twitter junkies who love editing photos and uploading them, this app is worth a shot.

Price: Free with optional paid version

Supported OS: Windows 8, Windows RT

Supported architectures: x86, x64, ARM

Fhotoroom on Windows Store [3]