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[Windows 8] Get great weather updates with Weatherbug

Screenshot.3261.10919 [1]Weatherbug app helps you get great weather updates. It helps you not only to decide when to go for that picnic you have been postponing but also gives you alerts for severe weather so that you can stay out of harm’s way. It has a lot more features than the default app which itself is pretty good. So is it really worth a download, when you have a mighty good default weather app? Read the review and decide for yourself.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

Weatherbug is a weather and news app for Windows 8.




Screenshot.3261.10921 [2]Weatherbug has been a quite a major player in providing weather updates. It has been in the game for around 10 years and is an established player in this game. Now with the launch of Windows 8, they have come forward with this new app to conquer more fans to their brand. And the app does a pretty neat job. To begin with it has a pretty awesome looking UI. There are great background animations and the UI itself is pretty intuitive.

On top of you can view detailed weather information for neighborhood and global points through instant access to a global weather network of 50,000 locations. You get access to the largest global network of real-time weather sensors. Also, you have live tiles by which you get visual at-a-glance weather right on your home screen with support for multiple customizable tiles.

You also a feature called Alert Center, where you can setup for custom updates for your area, so that you are always notified of severe weather. The maps provided by the app are interactive to check out time lapse radar, temperature, wind and cloud cover maps with full pinch and zoom functionality. Also there are 7 different configurable overlays.

But the radar feature is often buggy, and the animation isn’t really as great as possible. The cache doesn’t get cleared often. The app is ad supported and the ads do get buggy at times, though probably not as much AccuWeather. The feature when won many fans on other platforms cams feature, is not available on Windows 8. Also one thing I noticed it isn’t optimized for higher resolutions. I had problems using it in 1080p resolution.

Conclusion and download link

Weatherbug surely is worth at least a try. Agreed most users won’t need anything more than the default Windows 8 weather app, but for power users this app is great and worth a try. This app definitely has more features and better optimized for Windows 8 than most other app available on the app store. And like said on the app store, it will help you and those you care about out of harm’s way.

Price: Free

Supported OS: Windows 8, Windows RT

Supported architectures: x86, x64, ARM

Weatherbug on Windows Store [3]