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[Windows 8] Boost your productivity with great multitasking by Toolbox for Windows 8

toolbox [1]A major problem which many have complained about Windows 8 is that irrespective of your screen size you can never use more than 2 apps. And Toolbox for Windows 8 has a cure for this problem. It provides 11 tools and you can use 6 of them simultaneously. Though it can improve a lot more it has a huge potential.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality                               

Toolbox for Windows 8 is multitasking app which aims to boost your productivity. With Toolbox, you can view and interact with up to 6 different tools at once, giving you the power and flexibility to customize your workspace for maximum productivity.




Screenshot.21889.1000001 [2]Toolbox for Windows 8 is a great app. This app does a pretty neat job and has a lot of potential. It provides a lot of flexibility more than Windows and that itself is a great reason for many to download. To begin with app provides with 11 great tools namely, Web Browser, Calculator, Unit Converter, Facebook, Voice Notes, Notifier, World Clock, Weather, Doodle, Stopwatch, Notes. Toolbox allows you to run more than one instance of any app. Like I could open 6 instances of Browser each with a different window. This allows you to do a lot with different permutations of the given 11 apps.

The Toolset feature allows you to save your favorite layout and customizations so that they can be recalled quickly and easily whenever you need them. You also can pin these to your start menu as tile. Also there are custom layout provided by the developers themselves and using them you can get an idea of what the app is capable of. There is also Dock Toolbox with snap view so that you can use any of the one app snapped while you already are working on another app or desktop. Also the beginning intro tutorial was simple and great.

There are a few cons though. To begin with, with need more apps, especially a text editor. And also the developers if they can figure out a way to support other apps, or probably even desktop mode would be awesome making it a killer app. Something which I noticed is the browser has no option to actually magnify the text. This is turns out to be a problem when you are have two, three instances of browser open. And this brings us to the next problem we have, options to resize and configure layouts on our own are missing. The developers should add these as soon possible.

Conclusion and download link

The app is running on a great idea. It is a great app and has the makings of being an even better one. Toolbox is one must app for all multitaskers. And give it a try and you might actually get hooked to multitasking if you already aren’t. But for one thing, this app is worth a download. And with developers promising more updates, this app is only get better.

Price: Free

Supported OS: Windows 8, Windows RT

Supported architectures: x86, x64, ARM

Toolbox for Windows 8 on Windows Store