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You have not seen purple until you have seen these lavender fields in France [Amazing Photo of the Day]

Aside from French kissing, french fries, and french toast (which, by the way, the latter two are not French), what are the French known for? *Controls urge to make racist (?) French joke* The Eiffel Tower? Check. A president who divorces his wife and marries a supermodel while in office? Check. (And I say that in the least sarcastic way possible. I think). How about lavender fields? Seriously, check out the following lavender fields in the French region of Provence and tell me someone else does them better; check it out:

lavender_fields_1 [1]

lavender_fields_2 [2]

lavender_fields_3 [3]

lavender_fields_4 [4]

lavender_fields_5 [5]

lavender_fields_6 [6]

[via Facebook [7], BuzzFeed [8]]