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Missed out on the $1.99 domain deal? Or want another domain? Look here.

GoDaddy.com [1] strikes again – only this time the deal is even better. For a limited time, register a new domain for only $0.99. Enter promo code 99DOMAIN when checking out. You will be charged a $0.20 ICANN few for a total of $1.19. The domain will be registered for one year after which normal renewal charges will be applied (usually $10 a year). You can cancel at any time.

Domains that are confirmed to work with this promo code:


Source: SlickDeals.net [2]

If the promo works for you with any other domain then the ones listed above, please leave a comment here to give the rest of us a heads up.


P.S. Also keep in mind all .info domains are for $0.99 + $0.20 ICANN fee for the first year at GoDaddy.com [1] regardless of if you have this coupon or not.