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[Windows] BinaryNow PDF Impress is a PDF virtual printer with batch processing and basic editing capabilities — with a unique twist

2013-12-02_005717 [1]Whether we like it or not, PDF format is live and kicking used by individuals, businesses, and education institutes alike. Since PDF is still in use, it goes without saying you should have the tools required to create PDF files. BinaryNow PDF Impress is one such tool. Let’s see how well it fares.


Main Functionality

At its most basic core, PDF Impress is a virtual PDF printer; it allows you to create a PDF out of any document, file, website, etc. that can be printed. On top of that, however, PDF Impress allows users to create PDFs in batch (which is done through the main program interface), has basic PDF editing capabilities (extract page, add watermark, add attachment, merge PDFs, remove page, insert page, etc.), had has a unique ‘Watcher’ feature which allows you to tell PDF Impress to monitor a folder and automatically convert all existing and new files in that folder to PDF files (each file its own PDF).




2013-02-01_231832 [2]There are four ‘layers’ to PDF Impress, so to speak:

That said, there are a few shortcomings of this program that must be mentioned:

One more thing I’d like to mention. When you go to the ‘System Requirements’ page on PDF Impress’s website, you will find it say the following:

Convert to PDF and Watcher Requirements

  • Autodesk® Design Review 2008
  • Autodesk® AutoCAD 2000 or higher
  • Microsoft® Word 2002, 2003, 2007, or 2010
  • Microsoft® Excel 2002, 2003, 2007, or 2010
  • Microsoft® PowerPoint 2002, 2007, or 2010
  • Microsoft® Visio 2002, 2003, 2007, or 2010
  • Microsoft® Publisher 2002, 2003, 2007, or 2010
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer 8.0+
  • OpenOffice.org 2.2+

It isn’t entirely clear what this means but it looks like it means that in order to use the ‘Profiles’, batch processing, and ‘Watchers’ features with Autodesk, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, and OpenOffice file formats, you need those specific programs installed. I am unable to test my theory because I don’t have any Autodesk or OpenOffice files and I have Microsoft Office installed.


As the old saying goes, the little things will break you. For the most part, BinaryNow Impress PDF is a good program; it has a nice interface, is easy to use, and has good features. The ‘Watchers’ feature is particularly unique and potentially helpful for people who need that type of functionality. However, the program isn’t worth the price.

The biggest issue that kill the program as a recommendation is the that the program is overpriced… way too overpriced. PDF creation is no longer an art; it is a science that many freewares can do just as well as Impress PDF. In fact, the only unique feature in BinaryNow Impress PDF is ‘Watchers’; the rest can be replicated in freeware PDF tools. So, unless you really need the functionality of ‘Watchers’, there is no need to drop $99 on this program. $20 may have been a different story.

This especially holds true when you consider how you can purchase a full-featured PDF editor (e.g. Nitro) for around the same price. So why shell out so much money for BinaryNow Impress PDF — which isn’t a PDF editor — when you can get more functionality for around the same price?

So exactly what programs can do what BinaryNow Impress PDF do? PrimoPDF and BullZip PDF Printer are both excellent freeware PDF printers; you can grab either of those if you need just the ability to create PDFs by ‘printing’ documents, files, etc. PDF24 Creator is another excellent freeware PDF printer but it goes above and beyond PrimoPDf and BullZip; in particular PDF24 Creator can batch create PDFs. If you are keen on preserving hyperlinks in output PDFs, then you want to check out 7-PDF-Maker or 7-PDF Website Converter; both programs are PDF converters (not PDF virtual printers) and both programs preserve hyperlinks in output PDFs. Read dotTech’s review on best free PDF creator/converter/printer for Windows [3] to learn more.

Price: $99 for 3-user license

Version reviewed: 2014, 31.06.115

Supported OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8

Download size: 51.1 MB

VirusTotal malware scan results: 0/48 [4]

Is it portable? No

BinaryNow Impress PDF homepage [5]