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Bloody hilarious box art on the cases of bootleg movies [Image]

Anyone that has been to a South American, Africa, or Asian country (or to the shady parts of some towns in European and American cities) knows how prevalent bootleg movies are. Literally for dimes on the dollar you can grab movies (Hollywood, Bollywood, European, Asian, etc.) that would otherwise cost a lot more. As an added bonus, most of these movies are put in cases with custom box art. Have you ever looked closely at that box art? If you have then you would have noticed how some have hilarious content.

Ready for a good laugh? Then check out the following box art for bootleg movies:

box_art_10 [1]

box_art_9 [2]

box_art_8 [3]

box_art_7 [4]

box_art_6 [5]

box_art_5 [6]

box_art_4 [7]

box_art_3 [8]

box_art_2 [9]

box_art_1 [10]

L.M.A.O. !

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