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Google might be getting its very own $82 million airport

googleair [1]

It’s no secret that Google likes airplanes, in fact, that’s how they first demoed Project Glass at Google I/O last year [2]. Google currently has its private planes, including their own Boeing 737 and 747 jets, parked at the Moffett Federal Airfield.

Now the company is looking to close an $82 million deal to have their very own 29-acre facility built into the San Jose International Airport. This includes hangars and ramp space for all their planes, aircraft servicing facilities and even an executive terminal.

googleair2 [3]

If the city council approves the deal, it facility would bring in funds in the form of an annual rent lease of $2.6 million, $400,00 in fuel revenues and it’ll also create 236 jobs. The San Jose city council is expected to vote on the proposal this April, and if approved, Google’s little airport will take around 2 years to build.

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