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[Windows 8] Notepad Classic is a Notepad alternative for Windows 8

Screenshot.20628.1000000 [1]The lack of of a metro style notepad was noted by many users. Microsoft should have released something, but they never did. The developers of Notepad Classic, took note of this and released and released this app. And this app does everything, that the Microsoft app would have done. This app is a must have for all Windows RT and Surface tablet users. Anybody with a touch interface would definitely love this. However for Desktop users, this app doesn’t offer much for us.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

Notepad Classic is a Metro app replacement for the Notepad application. It does everything that Notepad does, and is designed with keeping Metro UI principles in mind.




Screenshot.20628.1000002 [2]This app is great. It delivers everything it promises and the app definitely is the best in its class. To begin, with as I said before an app like Notepad Classic is a definite must for all users using Windows 8 via Touch Interface. This app makes typing and using text files a breeze.

The app supports and has almost all features that Notepad has. It also has Unicode support and opens many different extensions including programming ones. It has a no frills UI. And you have options to change a lot of things like, Colors, fonts, sizes, bold and word wrap. You also have access to a plethora of Keyboard Shortcuts for quick and easy working.

Also, the star feature of this app, has to be the great touch keyboard support. The Keyboard is great and typing is so much more easier with better feedback. There is a also the option to print, which is very handy at times. Another interesting feature has to be the ability to share a selection or the whole files to any other app that supports text.

But one main thing, I would like to state here is, this app is useless for Desktop users. This app is a great app for users who don’t use the desktop at all. Others can just continue to Wordpad, etc for all their requirements. Also, the app can bring in more features and can turn to Notepad++ or Wordpad for inspiration. And one more aspect the developers must note is the UI. They can definitely work upon the UI offer something more polished.

Conclusion and download link

This app is great and is a must for all users of Windows RT and those who love and swear by Metro apps. This app is the perfect replacement for Notepad on Metro UI. That said, the app still doesn’t offer anything really great for Desktop users. So you can give it a try, but I am sure you would continue using the Desktop Wordpad or Notepad, etc. This app is great job by the developers and they are very responsive, so we can wait and see what more they have in store for us.

Price: Free

Supported OS: Windows 8, Windows RT

Supported architectures: x86, x64, ARM

Notepad Classic on Windows Store [3]