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‘The Float at Marina Bay’ is a floating football (soccer) stadium in Singapore [Amazing Photo of the Day]

You know I used to think here in the United States we live the good life. Being the richest and most advance country in the world, we must have the best standard of living (ignoring the fact that we are in debt above our eyeballs). However, after seeing many of the awesome stuff that has been built or is being built around the world (particularly in Middle East and Asia-Pacific), I am starting to question my perception.

The following is ‘The Float at Marina Bay’, a floating football (soccer) stadium in Singapore. Check it out:

floating_stadium_6 [1]

floating_stadium_5 [2]

floating_stadium_4 [3]

floating_stadium_3 [4]

floating_stadium_2 [5]

floating_stadium_1 [6]

[via Planet Oddity [7]]