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[iPhone] Catalogue your whole film collection with Movie Manager

mzl.lgpkpwnf.320x480-75 [1]When I was planning to move abroad, I had to pack light. But as a movie junkie, I couldn’t give up my DVD collection. My solution: throw away all the DVD packaging, and just store the discs in a CD binder. There’s just one downside now: I sometimes forget that I own certain titles, since they aren’t easily visible on a shelf like my other DVDs that are still in their packaging. If you have a similar issue with keeping your movie collection catalogued, there’s a free app that can help. It’s call Movie Manager, and it is part of the Sort It! Apps family of products.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

Movie Manager tracks every single movie in your film collection. You can enter film titles with barcode scanning, database search, or manual barcode entry.




mzl.rqwttgnm.320x480-75 [2]Not everyone has a big movie collection that they feel the need to keep track of. If you have a huge movie collection, then I’m sure you’ll immediately see the appeal of an app like Movie Manager. But even if you have a small collection that’s easy to manage, you should still check out this app because it can track what format you own the film on. Plus, you can make a note every time you lend out the film in question: perfect if you have friends who “forget” they borrowed that DVD from you.

The latest version of the app (Version 2.8) has some cool features for people looking to pare down their giant film collection. Movie Manager now has full eBay integration. If you live in the USA, you’ll get info about how much each title in your collection is worth, based on the last 30 days of sales on eBay. In addition, the app can take your DVD barcode and start an eBay listing for you that is pre-filled with all the relevant info.

While all that is great, actually importing all that info about your movie collection is only feasible if you pay for some in-app upgrades to do this importing in bulk. This app is pretty solid, but expect to shell out a couple of bucks in in-app purchases to get the most out of this free movie management app.

Conclusion and download link

Whether you have a big collection of movies, or just need to keep friends from running off with your DVD collection, Movie Manager is a great way to keep all of your information stored in a central location. And if you ever decide to sell off your old movies, the eBay integration makes that prospect a little less daunting.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 2.8

Requires iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, iOS version 5.0 or later

Download size: 13.9 MB

Movie Manager on Apple App Store [3]