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Glaring typo on front page of USA TODAY shows the importance of proofreading [Image]

Even though I am a (part-time) blogger and I should know better, I rarely (if ever) proofread. I am just physically and mentally incapable of making myself proofread (sort of like how I am incapable of making myself review the answers to an exam, after I have finished it; very bad habit, by the way). However, when you know your publication (whatever it may be) is going to be read by thousands (millions?) then you better be damn sure you proofread the thing before printing (virtually or otherwise). Otherwise, you will look like a fool — like USA TODAY. Check it out:

typo_ftl_usa_today [1]

Now, in defense of USA TODAY, supposedly the “hisstory” is a play on words in reference to the Chevy SS that Danica Patrick topped in. However, if that is the case, then it should read “hiSStory” — otherwise it a typo in my book and many others.

I suppose it could also be a play on words of how in the history of NASCAR men have always topped in the series (hence ‘hisstory’)… but that is just plain stupid and deserve this: #fail. Hey, remember: my blog, my opinions — right or wrong!

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