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Samsung Galaxy S IV is confirmed to launch on March 14 in New York

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Last year Samsung revealed their blockbuster Samsung Galaxy S III at Mobile World Congress. This year, Mobile World Congress has come and gone but no Galaxy S IV, the next iteration in the popular Android smartphone line. However, Samsung is not one to leave us hanging.

According to a statement made to Korea’s Edaily by Samsung’s head of mobile JK Shin, Samsung is set to launch Galaxy S IV on March 14 in New York (presumably New York City). Why March 14 and why New York? We don’t really know the reasoning behind the date but New York was chosen because Samsung was “bombarded with requests from US mobile carriers to unveil the Galaxy S IV in the country”.

Does this mean us yanks across the pond will be able to enjoy the Galaxy S IV at roughly the same time as the result of the world? That remains to be seen. All we know is New York is the place to be on March 14. Now where is my Capital One VentureOne card…

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