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This is humanity’s next great invention, the Oreo Separator Machine

oreo [1]

We’ve posted recently about the amazing things in technology that are right around the corner. Things like how it feels like to use Google Glass [2], or a motion controller that will change the way we use computers [3].

But today I need to tell you something much more important than that. A device that can solve a massive flaw that’s been a bane to the human race since 1912. What I’m talking about is: how do we separate the creme from the cookies in an Oreo?

Thankfully, “physicist” and copywriter David Neevel has the answer that we all seek — the Oreo Separator Machine. Check out the amazing footage below:

I’m thankful for Neevel’s invention but there’s just one thing that’s bothering me. How can you not like the creme? Come on, Neevel.

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