Coffee is essential for every Monday morning [Comic]


For some people, coffee is essential every two hours every damn day. I’m more of a beer-on-Monday-morning kind of person. Ignore the fact that I don’t drink and have never drank a sip of alcohol in my life.

[via Incidental Comics]

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  1. Seamus McSeamus

    My favorite coffee mug is a Kansas City Chiefs one I got for father’s day in the mid 90s… yep, it’s nearly 20 years old!

    Looks a lot like this one, but mine is dingier and has a chip in the rim. I drink from the unchipped side. :)

  2. Mags

    [@Mary] Completely agree with you on this.

    I also have my favourite mug and it is a large one. Just a plain white mug with a blue stripe going around it. But it is the best, and have had it for years.

    I think my Avatar for the forum here says how I feel about Mondays and coffee.

  3. Mary

    @Seamus McSeamus…AGREED!
    Ashraf, interview a coffee drinker, not a coffee sipper, first! lmao

    @Madbilby: also agreed, haha….but maybe we shouldn’t encourage him! ;)

    @WildCat: The only thing on my favorite coffee cup is a crack. It starts at the top of the cup and is slowly creeping its way down. The day that cup finally busts open in my hand, I am going to cry and cry and cry. Not because the coffee is hot and just burned my hand, face, chest and possibly lap, but because I can’t find another cup like it ANYWHERE!

  4. WildCat

    I’m now going to start the “What does your favorite Coffee Cup ‘Say’ on it list”…

    Mine says “I Don’t Do Perky!”

    Feel free to chime in with your favorite, or funny, Coffee Cup “sayings” :)