Doctor Who 50 years of time traveling [Infographic]


I don’t find Doctor Who compelling enough to watch for more than 3 minutes. Doctor Who is boring. There, I said it. You can start flaming me now.

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  1. etim

    I just watched “an adventure in space and time”, the 50th anniversary special. It was pretty great, chronicling the early years of the show.
    I too was a fan when Tom Baker was the Dr.
    The cornballisms and cheap SFX were what made it so cool.

  2. RogueBase

    I’ve watched Dr Who since the Tom Baker series on PBS. My Mom and I both enjoyed it. Sadly many things have changed and she’s no longer with me. Living in the UK now has given me a wider and more varied appreciation of humour. I’ve been here 7-8 years now & while I do follow some US series…sadly the humour just doesn’t always grab me like it used to. But then I’d like to think I’ve grown and changed and that my sense of humor isn’t all about fart cushions and high school level pranks anymore. Things like Suits, Breaking Bad, Sherlock, Greys Anatomy and Person of Interest….. But Agents of Shield kinda sucks… big time

  3. Machar

    I watched the first episode and a number thereafter. Not once did I hide behind the sofa, and I became bored with it when I discovered fishing (and girls sometime after I hit double figures).

    That’s not to say that it didn’t break new ground SF-wise on TV, but it just never rocked my boat. IMNSHO good SF is far better in the written word than in any visual medium, simply because of the superior potential of the human imagination.

    Discuss. :p