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The results are in: Windows XP is the most popular OS among dotTechies

Posted By Ashraf On February 13, 2010 @ 2:28 PM In Ask dotTechies | 37 Comments

A couple of weeks ago I asked dotTechies “What operating system do you use the most? [1]” Now the polls have been closed and the results are in – Windows XP is the clear winner with Windows 7 following in second place:

[poll id=”12″]

To be honest, I was expecting Windows XP is the most popular, but was a little bit surprised to see how many dotTechies have adopted Windows 7 so early after its release. Usually people decide to wait before upgrading to Microsoft’s newest products (so Microsoft has had a chance to iron out the bugs) but apparently pre-release marketing of Windows 7 was done exceptionally well. (It also didn’t hurt that Windows 7 received praise from pretty much across the whole board.)

Another interesting thing I was found was a comment [2]:

Ashraf: “Indeed at my most recent job, it was very shocking to see that most of the computers in the building(s) were running Microsoft Windows 2000, even though – at the time – the Windows series was up to Vista.”

Is it so hard for you to figure out why?

“VERY SHOCKNG”, INDEED!! Well I’ve got news for you, Ashraf. I use Windows 2000 Professional; AND I LOVE IT! Of all Microsoft Operating Systems, Windows 2000 is THE BEST – very robust, very stable, very reliable, etc. And dare I say, Windows 2000 is a very smooth, and unintrusive, operating system. I guess You Did’t Know All That!!

That’s Why, Ashraf, “…that most of the computers in the building(s) were running Microsoft Windows 2000, even though – at the time – the Windows series was up to Vista.”

The women and the men behind those Windows 2000, understand TLC – the pricelessness of DEVOTION, BEAUTY, LOVE, FIDELITY, RELIABILITY. The secret behind UPS success!!!

I rest my case.

It wasn’t the first time I have heard someone praise Windows 2000 in such a manner, but when I first heard it, I just dismissed it as someone who is unable to let go of things. Now, however, it seems Windows 2000 still has a strong following. Interesting. (Windows 2000 was “before my time” so I can’t say much about it personally.)

(BTW Chindu: the reason my work still were running Windows 2000 were not because they “loved” it as you say. It was because they couldn’t afford to upgrade =P.)

Thank you everyone that participated, and see everyone in the next Ask dotTechies [3] poll!

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