How to add Command Prompt to Windows right-click context menu [Guide]

The Command Prompt is the last remnant of DOS on Windows. You can add a shortcut to the Command Prompt on the Windows Explorer right-click context menu. Then you can right-click a folder, and select the Command Prompt to open in that folder’s location.

To do so, open Run with the Win + R shortcut; and then input regedit before clicking OK. Regedit should open in a window from where you browse to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell.

Then you should right-click the shell key and select New > Key. Right-click the new key, click Rename and type Command Prompt as its title. Select the Command Prompt key, and then double-click its (Default) value. Then input Command Prompt Here as below.


Right-click the Command Prompt key and select New > Key again. This time input Command as the key’s title. Double-click its (Default) value, and type in cmd.exe /k cd %1 for its value data. Then click OK to close the window, and open Windows Explorer.


Now right-click any one of the Window Explorer folders. You should find that the context menu now includes a Command Prompt Here option/shortcut as in the shot below. Click on it to open the Command Prompt which will also open at the folder’s location.

Command Prompt 3

The Command Prompt Here context menu option gives more direct access to the Command Prompt. With it you can also select a folder for the Command Prompt to open with. From there you can then open software and documents without having to specify their exact folder location in Command Prompt.

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