Chart explains how Facebook arrived at 1 billion users [Comic]

Facebook recently passed the 1 billion mark in active user accounts, as dotTech reported yesterday. Are you a naysayer and cannot fathom or do not want to accept the fact that Facebook has so many people actively using it (at least once per month)? Yeah, well, you aren’t the only one in doubt. The artists at Joy of Tech feel the same way so they do what artists do best — draw. Check it out:

“7,620 accounts that the Winklevoss twins hand-created over the years to stay on Facebook, because Zuck keeps blocking them.” LMAO!

[via Joy of Tech]

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  1. jivadas

    Facebook is crap.
    I have three or four accounts which I never use except when people try to contact me; then I send my email address.
    Intelligent stock traders sold Facebook short when it came on the market. They made millions, if not billions.
    Move over, MySpace! Facebook will soon be joining you.


  2. corno


    Maybe I did not make myself entirely clear. What I meant to say is that many people have an account that they just use passively or not at all. Long ago I was taught that to make claims you must back them up with data. Did FB give any data about how many account there are, and how many of these are used daily? or weekly?