Learning to cook flowchart [Comic]

I am a guy. As such, I do not cook. Yes, yes, I know — cooking is not only for women. Still. I am a guy. I do not cook. (Although that will change if my wife has her way. Must… resist… feminine… charms…) If you are the person who cooks in your relationship, you probably know how frustrating it is to get your significant other to pick up a damn kitchen knife. If you are the person who refuses, to or does not like to, cook then you will probably appreciate the following comic. Check it out:

[via xkcd]

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  1. meldasue

    The right half of chart looks about right – cooking is just too much of a bother. I practically live on yoghurt and pre-cooked frozen chicken. It’s not that I can’t cook – I can make a pretty decent soup – it’s just too much trouble. If I can’t throw it in the microwave, forget it.