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This is a majestic white lion [Amazing Photo of the Day]

Posted By Ashraf On November 23, 2012 @ 1:30 AM In Miscellaneous | 8 Comments

We have seen lions [1] before. In fact, we have seen lions multiple times (my personal favorite is the photo of lions strolling on a dirt road [2]). What we haven’t seen until now are white lions.

White lions are the same as regular lions except for the change in color, resulting from the expression of a recessive gene in their bodies. Although not as rare as ligers, white lions are rare. However, we have managed to capture them on film (okay not dotTech, per se — I’m using the communal us); check it out:


Presumably the creature behind the white lion is also a white lion but I cannot say for sure.

I know the above is an awesome photo, but am I the only one who thinks it looks a bit fake? That lion is posing a bit too well and the background looks like it might have been photoshopped in. Who knows.

[via Facebook [4]]

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