‘Clouded leopards’ look awesome, regardless of if you like big cats or not [Amazing Photo of the Day]

In the past I have been (playfully) accused of being overly obsessive with big cats. I denied it and, to prove my innocence, I stopped posting about big cats for a while. You know, like five days. Maybe.

Oh screw it. I’m lying. I didn’t actually purposefully stop posting about wild cats. I just couldn’t find a good photo/image/picture of them. Now, however, I have one to share with you… and it is of a clouded leopard. Check it out:


And as an added bonus, another one:


Not bad, Mr. Leopard, not bad at all.

[via Facebook, Wikipedia]

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  1. Lily

    These aren’t actually “big cats”, rather, they are more like a large house-cat (or small dog). Beautiful, yes.

    Also, they are the only cats who can walk down a tree, face-first, like a squirrel can.

  2. JMJ

    Ashraf, I agree with Donna: you should keep sharing these photos. Unlike you, all of us cannot afford a subscription to Big Cats Connoisseur Quarterly.

    This animal’s back-fur pattern reminds me of a rattlesnake’s. It’s face and snout look like a puma’s and, with all the spots, stripes, splotches, looks like it was thrown together from left-overs…