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Preview of what would happen if Google ruled the world [Image]

Ever heard those “take over the world” jokes about Google? You know, how Google is trying to and/or might take over the world? Yeah, well, if Google ever succeeds, the following is a glimpse of Google-dominated Earth (aka Google Earth… see they already trademarked the name). Check it out:

google_world_1 [1]

google_world_2 [2]

google_world_3 [3]

google_world_4 [4]

google_world_5 [5]

google_world_6 [6]

google_world_7 [7]

google_world_8 [8]


LOL! Clever. Now someone do one for Apple and Microsoft.

[via TechInAsia [9], images via Worth1000 [10]]