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[Android] Clean and optimize your smartphone or tablet with Clean Master

Clean Master Main MenuClean Master Main Menu [1]Temporary, surplus and leftover files can bog down any device, and that includes mobile phones. More advanced users know how to take care of these files of their own accord. Problem is, cleaning out everything can be somewhat of a pain. That’s why there are so many cache and data cleaning apps out there. Android is no exception to this rule, and there are tons of cleaning app in the Play Store. Clean Master is one such app which essentially provides all necessary cleaning and maintenance tools in a single user interface.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

Clean Master is a file cleaning and optimization tool all packed into one app. Relatively speaking, it’s a lot like CCleaner for windows. It includes a history and privacy cleaner, a task killer/ RAM optimizer, and personal app manager. Most apps only offer one or two of these maintenance functions, while Clean Master is much more comprehensive in that respect.

Clean Master Settings [2]




Clean Master Task Killer [3]The usefulness of an app like Clean Master is highly debatable. On one hand, cleaning up cache files and leftover junk from previous app installs can be beneficial. On the other hand, cleaning up the wrong files, and killing off apps all willy nilly can do more harm than good. It’s always important to be careful with software that promises to clean up your device. It’s definitely safer to manually cleanup the Android OS yourself, but that requires you to know what you’re doing.

Clean Master offers a selection of maintenance tools and file cleaners that are designed to improve your device’s performance. It’s much easier to list out the various tools, so that’s what I’m going to do.

Without trying to sound too negative, Clean Master is pretty much like any other app cleaner or memory optimizer out there. Don’t take that to suggest it’s not worth downloading. If you’re well versed in technology though, you probably don’t need something like this to clean up storage and help your device perform better.

Clean Master Warning [4]I’m not going detail each tool individually because as I’ve said several times already, you probably understand what they do because they can all be found elsewhere.

It’s a great app, and the user interface is snappy and responsive. I know I usually obsess about the UI with most apps, but you’d be surprised how many developers out there overlook something so basic.

The tools work as you’d expect. The app cleaner wipes the cache, and it certainly does it efficiently. The Privacy cleaner scans for sensitive material and prompts you to remove what it uncovers. The App Manager allows you the option to uninstall apps, and backup related data. Everything is as it should be, and yet there are still a couple quirks.

The Residual File Cleaner does a thorough scan, but I would argue it’s almost too thorough. If you’re not paying attention and you just delete everything it finds, you may end up losing valuable data. For example, on my first scan it found all the personal videos I recorded with the camera, along with some local music files. They were clearly flagged because they are large in size. That doesn’t make them any less important to me, and I would have been quite upset if they had been deleted. If, by chance, someone isn’t paying attention, the results could be less than nominal.

Furthermore, it doesn’t seem like the Task Killer actually has an effect on performance. Sure, it kills running apps and then defrags RAM, but mere seconds later all of the apps are up and running again. Selecting a running app from the list, only brings you to the stock app page. If you navigate to the detailed app page in the Android settings and then choose “force close” it works much better than the Task Killer. That being said, the Task Killer is pretty much useless. I’m of mind that most task killers are worthless anyway. Feel free to weigh in on this argument in the comments below.

Conclusion and download link

Clean Master Privacy Wiper [5]If you’re not a tech savvy person, and you need a complete cleaning app then Clean Master is certainly for you. It offers a decent selection of maintenance tools all contained within one convenient app. If you’re the kind of person that already knows how to clean the app cache regularly, remove unnecessary files, cleanup leftovers and force close apps, then there’s absolutely no reason to download Clean Master.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 3.1.0

Requires: 2.1 and up

Download size: 2.1MB

Clean Master on Play Store [6]