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[SP] 1-800 CONTACTS updates already awesome iOS app

1800_contacts_app [1]This post is sponsored (paid for) and written by 1-800 CONTACTS

My brand! My brand!

1800CONTACTS.COM [2] has probably been your go-to website for contact lenses, but now this well-known company has launched a fantastic app. Yes, it’s an app for contacts, and you’re probably thinking, ‘Wow, they make an app for everything nowadays.’ However, for contact wearers, this 1-800 CONTACTS app is something you will find yourself using all the time. We wouldn’t be surprised if you wished you could apply other everyday rituals to it.

So what is it that makes this contact lenses app so amazing?

Discounts on contact lenses will make you very happy. Take the money you save and buy yourself an ice cream cone, which will in turn make you even happier. 1-800 CONTACTS app = Happy People.

Other benefits of 1-800 CONTACTS app:

Currently, the 1-800 CONTACTS app is available for iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S and 5 (iOS 5.0 and later). Check out the 1-800 Contacts mobile iPhone app [3] for a more convenient way of reordering contact lenses. It’s free and quite the eye lifesaver.