More adults text while driving than teenagers, according to AT&T survey


Last month we posted results of study by the American Center for Disease Control that said roughly one in every three Americans text/email while driving, with Europeans not far behind. Now a new survey suggests more adults text or email while driving than teens.

According to AT&T’s ‘Commuter Survey’ and ‘Teen Driver Survey’, 49% of commuters admit to texting/emailing while driving while 43% of teens confess to the same. Ages aren’t specified but presumably “commuters” at non-teens, aka adults. The worst part? 98% of commuters surveyed said they believe sending a text or email while driving is not safe. Yet 49% of them still do it, with 40% admitting it is now habitual. Compare that to 60% that say they never used to text/email while driving three years ago.

I wasn’t surveyed but I’d be one of the 49% and the 98%.

Of course there are inherent flaws with surveys, the most notable being people are prone to lie. However, more people are probably more likely to lie and say they don’t text/email while driving rather than say they do, so the fact that almost half accept the deed says a lot. Either that or our society is so screwed up that we think texting/emailing while driving is cool and claim to do it even if we don’t.

[via CNN, AT&T]

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