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Note Mania: excellent sticky note app with unique features

2009-09-30_205417 [1]During the summer I proclaimed Stickies [2] to be one of the best sticky note application out there; and the praise for Stickies is well deserved considering how feature filled and easy to use it is (I especially like the ability of Stickies to share notes over a network). Note Mania is another sticky note app which is very similar to Stickies, yet different enough to write about (read on if you are curious).

Note Mania has all of the norm features one expects in a sticky note application…

…but also has nice “extra” features you are not likely to find with other sticky note applications:

2009-09-30_205636 [3]

2009-09-30_203447 [4]

Clicking on the browser icon (Firefox in my case) opens the link displayed in the feed in your internet browser.


2009-09-30_210133 [5]

You can add notes to each date.

2009-09-30_210331 [6]

You can launch many different things including a file, program, URL, e-mail or even another note.

2009-09-30_210712 [7]

All the above features done in a very computer resource efficient manner: 2-5 MB of RAM usage varying on if the program is idle or if you are actively using it (less than 1 MB of RAM while idle if you allow CleanMem to do its thing).

However, there are two user-friendly features which I think the developer should consider adding…

…and there are three improvements to existing features which I think the developer shoulder consider making:

  • If your web browser is Internet Explorer, feeds you subscribe (in the root folder only) using the browser are automatically available in Note Mania too. You can just open Note Mania’s Preferences dialog and configure your note feeds.
  • If your web browser is Firefox, when you subscribe to a feed, select Choose Application… then “feedmania.exe”, which is in the folder Note Mania is installed. The feed will then be available for you to configure in Note Mania’s Preferences dialog.

I believe the Note Mania feature would be a lot more easier to use if the process of adding RSS feeds was more in house.

2009-09-30_203411 [8]

All things considered, however, Note Mania is an excellent sticky notes application. Now is it “better” than Stickies? No. However Stickies is not “better” than Note Mania either. While they both have overlapping features, they both also have distinct unique features which will help you decide if you want to use Note Mania or Stickies. Here is a quick comparison of the major differences:

Note Mania can/has…

  • Read RSS feeds
  • Launch website/email/file at a scheduled time
  • Built in calendar

…while Stickes can/has:

  • Better alarm system
  • Ability to share notes over a network

So either toss a coin or make a calculated decision about which one to use. Both are excellent in my opinion.

You can grab Note Mania from the following link:

Version Reviewed: v1.0.3

Supported OS: Windows XP+

Note Mania homepage [9] [download page [10]]