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How to create or stitch panorama photos on Windows for free [Guide]

The rising popularity of smartphones has made snapping a panoramic photo a breeze; simply download a panorama-supported camera app for your smartphone and you can easily snap a panorama of whatever you want. However, sometimes it isn’t possible to take a panorama with a smartphone. So it is always good to be able to stitch together a panorama out of a bunch of individual photos on Windows. This guide shows you exactly how to do that.


This guide shows you how to create or stitch panorama photos using one of two programs, IrfanView and Microsoft Image Composite Editor. Both of these programs have the ability to stitch together a panorama but Microsoft Image Composite Editor is the more advanced panorama creator while IrfanView gets the job done but is a bit simple. Also take note:

That said, let’s begin…


2013-04-28_205738 [1]IrfanView is, as I’m sure many dotTechies many, a feature-filled photo viewer on Windows. One of the features of IrfanView is its ability to stitch together panoramas out of individual photos.

To create a panorama photo with IrfanView, do the following:

Note: IrfanView supports Windows NT/98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Win7/Win8. As such, you can create panoramas with IrfanView on pretty much any version of Windows.

2013-04-28_210007 [3]

2013-04-28_211814 [5]

Repeat this process for every panorama you want to create.


2013-04-28_213206 [6]Unlike IrfanView which is an image viewer that can create panoramas, Microsoft Image Composite Editor is a program specifically designed to create or stitch together panorama images.

To create a panorama image with Microsoft Image Composite Editor, do the following:

Note: Microsoft Image Composite Editor is officially supported on Windows XP/Vista/Win7. It also requires you to have Visual C++ 2010 Runtime Libraries installed. If you don’t have the libraries installed, you will be prompted to download them (roughly 6 MB) prior to installing Microsoft Image Composite Editor.

2013-04-28_214026 [8]

Repeat this process for any and all panorama images you want to create.


There is one big difference between using IrfanView for creating panoramas and using Microsoft Image Composite Editor for panoramas: overlapping images.

You see IrfanView will stitch together any and all images you throw in it; it does not matter if the images are related or if they have overlaps or not. Indeed you can stitch together completely unrelated images with IrfanView — it won’t even blink an eye and ask you what the hell you are doing. On the other hand, Microsoft Image Composite Editor is specifically designed to look for images with overlaps. If you have photos you want to create a panorama from that have no overlap, Microsoft Image Composite Editor will not be able to create a panorama from them; you will get an error message.

As a rule of thumb, if you have photos with no overlaps then I’d suggest using IrfanView to create a panorama. If you have images with overlaps, then Microsoft Image Composite Editor is the better choice because it automatically detects those overlaps and stitches together photos based on those overlaps.

Two other differences that should be mentioned are:

2013-04-28_214312 [9]


Between IrfanView and Microsoft Image Composite Editor, you should have all the tools to create great panoramas. Enjoy and be sure to let us know in the comments [10] below which tool is your favorite or if you prefer a different panorama creator.