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xNeat Clipboard Manager: lightweight and dead simple clipboard manager

2009-10-09_192440 [1]Clipboard management is one of the most oversaturated software categories out there; it seems everyone and their uncle has created a clipboard manager. Heck, off the top of my head I can think of 3 different [2] clipboard [3] managers [4] and two software with [5] clipboard management tools [6] which have been discussed on dotTech alone; and I plan on talking about at the least one more clipboard manager after this post (many of you know it as Ditto-CP). Now don’t get me wrong – competition is good and always encouraged. The problem is most clipboard managers are no different than the next; they all basically do the same thing, i.e. allow you to paste back things you copied, and nothing more. In that respect, honestly, xNeat Clipboard Manager is not that different than its rivals either: it allows you paste back copied content at will just like all the other clipboard managers. What makes xNeat Clipboard Manager worth a look is how lightweight and easy to use it is.

How xNeat Clipboard Manager works is, truly, simple. You copy things like like normal (text, images, files, etc.); when you want to paste them back, you simply press the designated hotkey (left Shift + left Ctrl + V by default – this can be changed) and a menu shows up with all the clipboard entries xNeat CM is tracking. You just click on the one you want to paste, and it is pasted.

By default xNeat CM will track up to 10 clipboard entries but you can change that number to whatever you want… literally. I changed it to 10004 without receiving any errors (I will let you know when I reach 10004 entries =P).

Watch this short video by the developer to put a face to all that I just said:

Although I said xNeat CM is not much different than other clipboard managers, there are a few interesting “extras” that xNeat CM can do:

2009-10-09_194314 [7]

In other words, that clipboard entry (regardless of if it is text, image, file, URL, etc.) will always appear (at the bottom) of the pop up menu at all times so you can paste it back whenever you want. It is always there for you and will never get cleared unless you delete it manually.

2009-10-09_194651 [8]

  • If the clipboard entry you right click on is a URL you can open it in your default Internet browser:


  • If the clipboard entry you right click on is any sort of text (non-URL and URL alike) you can translate it using Google Translate:


  • If the clipboard entry you right click on is any sort of file (image, shortcut, program, video, etc.), you can open it (for example, you would open an image in your default image viewer):


Finally, believe it or not, but xNeat CM does all I just mentioned above and only leaves a very small footprint on your computer. It literally uses less than 400 KB of RAM and little to no CPU at all times while it is running or sitting idle.

That being said, there are three problems I have with xNeat CM:

Lastly, there are two known issues with xNeat Clipboard Manager:

Back when I used xNeat Window Manager on Windows Vista I experienced this issue. The issue was supposed to be fixed in the latest version of xNeat Windows Manager (v3) but v3 not been released in the free version yet. xNeat Clipboard Manager may also face the same problem. I am unable to confirm because I have been having a Task Scheduler Engine problem on my Win7 machine prior to installing xNeat CM so I can’t pinpoint the cause of it.

All in all, xNeat Clipboard Manger is nothing that will make you say “wow” but it is something that will help you get the job done in an easy and efficient manner. You can grab xNeat Clipboard Manager from the following links:

Version reviewed: v1.0.0.7

Supported OS

Official support: Windows XP and Windows Vista (32-bit)

Unofficial support: Windows 7

xNeat Clipboard Manager homepage [9] [direct download [10]]