Google unifies Drive, Gmail, and Google+ file storage, bumps everyone up to free 15GB


Google has just announced a little change that should make a huge difference for heavy users of their services. Google Drive, Gmail, and photos stored on Google+ now have a unified storage of free 15GB. Previously, Gmail had free 10GB of storage while Drive and Google+ photos had free 5GB.

Now, you’ll be able to use all that 15GB storage the way you want to — if you need 15GB for Drive and don’t care for Gmail and Google+, you can do that. Or if you want to allocate the usage any other way, you can do that too. This change also makes it easier to know how much you’re storing since you only have one pool of space to worry about. Google has also updated Drive’s storage page and now you can hover over the pie chart to see how much you’re using across the three services.


The company also mentions that when you upgrade to higher storage plans, the new amount of storage will be available across Drive, Gmail, and Google+ — meaning all three services will be able to take advantage of the extra space you get.

Google’s unified storage for Drive, Gmail, and Google+ photos should take effect in the coming weeks.

[via Google]

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