You can play Atari Breakout on Google Image Search right now, and it’s as fun as ever


Google has a reputation to keep when it comes to easter eggs, and it shows no signs of letting up. In celebration of the Atari classic Breakout’s 37th anniversary, a little easter egg has been hidden away in Google’s Image Search.

The normal protocol for things like this would usually be a customized Google Doodle that when clicked, would become a playable version of the game. This time, the game is slightly hidden away — but still very easy to find. To play Breakout, just go to Image Search on Google then type in “atari breakout” and you’re good to go! Your usually images will transform into the colored blocks ready for breaking, complete with all the old-school sound effects. Beware, this game was popular for a reason (hint: it’s still very addictive).

The game originally came out in 1976, and this serves as a great reminder that a very fun game mechanic can make something timeless. The original prototype for the game was also developed by Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak.

I wonder if we’ll be playing games like Halo on Google’s homepage 30 years from now.

Google Image Search homepage

[via Google, Polygon]

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