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Introducing the Vachen Smartwatch, an Android-based smartwatch with a little extra fashion

Vachen Wristwatch in use [1]

Smartwatches are crazy popular right now. In fact, thanks to Google Glass, wearable devices are popular all across the board. The problem with a lot of smartwatches, or at least the ones that I’ve seen, is that they look terrible. I mean terrible in the sense that you’ll look like a huge nerd with one of them strapped to your wrist? There are a few out there that are the exception to the rule, like the Vachen Smartwatch currently featured in a Kickstarter campaign.

At its core, the Vachen is a traditional wristwatch, only several modern tech features have been implemented. For example, it shows text and email notifications among other updates. The good news is that it will be compatible with both Android and iPhones alike.

At launch, the Vachen will include more than 100 different face designs or skins. A free tool will also be released alongside the smartwatch that allows users to create a custom design for their watch display and even upload designs to a community based app store.

As is customary with geek centric devices like this, here is the list of related tech specs:

As for functionality, the Vachen watch will be able to display simple call notifications, along with SMS and Google calendar alerts directly on the mini display. Other promised features include stopwatch, timer, wake-up alarm, compass, moon cycles and tide graph functions. Apparently, the developers have also promised the device will work with smartTVs and various smart devices as well. Even more features are planned for the future including a proprietary app store, Facebook app compatibility, and Windows Phone support (August 2013).

Vachen Wristwatch [2]

The project won’t be greenlit unless the Kickstarter campaign raises a total of $100,000. As of the time of this writing, the team has raised $66,328 with a total of 358 backers, and there are 14 days left. The Vachen watch will cost between $169 to $279, depending on what tier backers choose.

What do you think? Do we really need another smartwatch even if it is fashionable?

Personally, I like seeing more competition in the wearable tech market, since it’s much better for consumers in the long run. Although, I really want to get my hands on the Autographer [3].

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