[iPhone] Deep Dungeons of Doom is the dungeon crawler game you’ve been waiting for

mzl.dkzlzpsg.320x480-75Gamers of a certain generation love a good dungeon. There’s something eerie and exciting about this fantasy game staple, from tabletop games to classic 8-bit titles. The App Store has seen a great number of new dungeon crawlers debut in the past few months, but one in particular caught my eye. This game has the excellent moniker “Deep Dungeons of Doom,” and was developed by Bossa Studios Ltd.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

Deep Dungeons of Doom is a free dungeon crawler game.


  • Three character classes
  • Retro-tastic visuals and sound
  • 44 mini-quest achievements to master
  • Addictive and challenging gameplay
  • Robust history of “career stats,” great for stats fans
  • Latest version includes helpful gameplay tweaks for a more balanced playing experience


  • Some dungeons seem entirely too short
  • After completing the initial pack of free dungeon levels, you must pay $2.99 to unlock the next six levels (however, one of these is endless)
  • Crucial items like gold and revives can often most quickly be gotten hold of by IAP, which gets expensive in a hurry


mzl.fcqmkhwi.320x480-75In Deep Dungeons of Doom, darkness has fallen across the lands of men. Monsters and demons abound, and you have been charged by the King himself with destroying the source of these creatures and saving the kingdom. It’s all a pretty classic dungeon set-up, really.

Your first mission will have you face off against a demon that’s taken up residence in the castle sewers. This mission provides an introduction to the simple controls: touch on the right side of your device’s screen to attack an enemy, making sure to time your attacks after you’ve had a chance to “cooldown.” To defend, touch the left side of the screen. Swipe up at the end of the battle to descend to the next room in the dungeon.

One thing that makes this game sort of interesting is the use of Dungeon Bonuses. These bonuses to HP, agility, magic, and attack are all tied specifically to the dungeon you’re in now, and then go away once you’re in a new environment. This allows you to tailor your strengths to the challenges of a certain dungeon level.

The current version of this game is 1.0.3. In addition to some bug fixes, the developers have made a handful of small adjustments to improve gameplay balance. One change was to the equipment stalls, which now sell better items at a lower price. The Witch has better character balancing now, thanks to increased strength.

Conclusion and download link

Come on, how can you NOT love a game with a title like “Deep Dungeons of Doom”? Sure, it may have some flaws, but it’s also a relatively new addition to the App Store. If you love dungeon crawlers, this is a must-have title.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 1.0.3

Supported OS: Requires iOS 4.3 or later

Download size: 41.9 MB

Deep Dungeons of Doom on Apple App Store

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