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DictaNote on iOS lets you record and share your ideas

dictanote iphone app [1]

For quite some time now, I’ve been trying hard to document random thoughts that came into my mind every once in awhile. I’ve tried several iPhone apps but typing down my thoughts and ideas can become quite tedious. It’s a good thing there are apps which lets me record my thoughts instead. One of these apps is DictaNote.

DictaNote is a pretty simple iPhone app with an intuitive and slick interface for recording, saving and sharing voice notes, ideas, inspirations and thoughts. The overall interface is colorful and will entice you to use the app as often as you can.

The app has tons of features such as location tagging, one touch recording, the ability to play or “dictate” notes back, adding pictures to notes, the ability to append your notes anytime, and the ability to send notes instantly along with the associated images that you’ve appended.

Check out DictaNote now if you have the need for an efficient note recording app and the default iPhone voice memo app doesn’t quite answer your needs. And let us know how you find the app via the comments [2] below.

DictaNote on Apple App Store [3]