Samsung seeks trademark for ‘Samsung GEAR‘, could it be a smartwatch?


Before it was discovered that Apple is possibly coming up with a smartwatch called iWatch, it was already rumored that Samsung is also coming up with its own smartwatch. And now, a possible proof of this Samsung smartwatch was just discovered by the folks at Phandroid. It seems that Samsung is seeking a trademark for “Samsung GEAR.”

It’s still uncertain though whether ‘Samsung GEAR’ is going to represent a smartwatch as it could also be a name for other gears such as clocks, wristbands, bracelets, and the likes. But I doubt if Samsung is going to release any of those gears soon. So there’s a big possibility that the “Samsung GEAR” is a trademark for a smartwatch. The important thing here is that the said “Samsung GEAR” will be able to communicate with phones, PCs and tablets via the Internet or possible wireless network.

So it looks like the next battle arena for smartphone makers will soon be shifted towards smartwatches. Sony has gone ahead of the pact and recently released its smartwatch. And as mentioned Apple is also possibly preparing to come up with iWatch. How come nobody is challenging Google Glass?

[via Phandroid, image via Samsung]

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