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Nokia Lumia 1020 sample photos, videos, and leaked specifications

Nokia Lumia 1020 [1]

Today is the day Nokia plans on officially unveiling the rumored Lumia 1020 Windows Phone 8 device. This particular handset is expected to come packed with a 41-megapixel camera that is capable of taking superb images, it could very well become the one camera phone to rule them all if Nokia is able to wow viewers of its live stream.

What should we expect of the Nokia Lumia 1020 [2] you wonder? Well, according to recent rumored specifications, the handset is quite similar to the Lumia 920 in many ways. For example, the display is the same 4.5 inches, the resolution is still 720p instead of full 1080p high definition, and it runs Window Phone 8.

The main difference comes in the form of the 41-megapixel Pureview camera that sits on the back waiting patiently to snap a picture of your cat. In addition, the Lumia 1020 is said to incorporate Xenon flash instead of LED flash, and instead of 1GB of RAM, the handset comes with 2GB. If these specifications are correct, the Nokia Lumia 1020 would become the first Windows Phone 8 device to launch with 2GB of RAM.

On the matter of what kind of processor Nokia plans on placing inside the Lumia 1020, leaked information claims a 1.5 Ghz dual-core Snapdragon processor will come into play. It is not certain if it is the same processor as found in the Lumia 920, or an upgraded version. Furthermore, the device is said to have a 2000 mAh battery, along with weighing 158 grams

To get a glimpse of what the device is capable of, Microsoft Windows Phone manager Joe Belfiore, released a few images taken by the handset, and so far, they look great. On top of that, a user on YouTube uploaded a plethora of videos claiming to have been taken by the Lumia 1020. Some of you might be disappointed that he chose to make dogs the center of attention here instead of cats.

The official unveiling is just hours away, it is now time for Nokia to show what it can do, or give up dreams of retaining the top spot in the smartphone world.

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