Lernstift is a pen that spellchecks while you write


The age of handwriting is slowly coming to an end as some schools have turned to computers for almost everything. However, many learning institutions still require children to use a pen, and this is where the Lernstift pen hopes to make an impact.

The Lernstift pen is no ordinary pen; it actually possess the ability to know when the user has made a mistake while writing. Usually, document editing software such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs are where one would find an automatic spellcheck option, but not in a pen. Five years ago, if someone had said in the years to come, a pen will come along with the ability to spellcheck; I would call them crazy.

The team behind the Lernstift did some clever tricks to make the automatic spellchecking features a possibility. The technology inside includes a motion sensor, an unknown Linux distribution, Wi-Fi, processor, RAM, and a vibrating module.

According to the creators, whenever the pen detects an error, it vibrates to alert the writer. Currently, the pen detects spelling errors and can help for more attractive writing that doesn’t look like scrambled letters. Furthermore, the Lernstift pen is capable of working alongside an app where everything you write on paper would show up on the app. In addition, the app would suggest corrections for errors, along with connecting to social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The software inside the Lernstift is updatable, and users will have the option to change the tip of the pen to their own preference.

Moreover, we understand the creators are focusing heavily on bringing Lernstift to schools, and have since collaborated with 3 institutions. It should be interesting to see how it all pans out in the coming months, as the project’s Kickstarter page is gaining quite a lot of attention.

[via Kickstarter]

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