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Rubbee turns any bike into an electric one

rubbee-3 [1]

The cost of electric bikes can be quite prohibitive but luckily this Kickstarter project can turn your existing bike electric in a matter of seconds.

Rubbee is a waterproof, electric drive unit for bicycles which is attached onto your bike seat with a quick release lever and is kept in place over the rear wheel with an arm similar to a shock absorber. It is able to maintain good grip between it’s roller and the tire of your bike thanks to a “special polyurethane compound mix” which does not cause any significant wear on the tire. It is controlled via a throttle control which is permanently mounted on the bike’s handlebar. If it was ever necessary to ride with the Rubbee attached — like in the case of a drained battery — it can be flipped over so that the roller doesn’t make contact with the tire.

An overview of the technical specifications of Rubbee is as follows:

A pledge of $1227 on Kickstarter [2] can get you a Rubbee if the team which operates out of London does indeed manage to get production of Rubbee up and running. A good sign is that the Rubbee team has already opened a distribution center in London and have a steady supply of components. They are basically almost ready to begin supplying the market but require significant funding to scale up production — hence the Kickstarter pledging.

See the video below for an overview of the Rubbee project.

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