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[Windows] KC Softwares AVIToolbox provides the ability to split AVIs and extract audio

2013-07-27_225014 [1]There are various tools out there that allow you to split videos and extract audio from videos. In fact, most free video converters [2] can perform these tasks — such as Video to Video Converter [3], which can do split without reencoding if converting to the same format. KC Softwares AVIToolbox is another such program. Let’s see if it is worth your time.


Main Functionality

AVIToolbox is a program that performs three functions: split AVIs, extract audio from AVIs, and take snapshots of AVI videos.

2013-07-27_234953 [4]Take note AVIToolbox comes in two versions, free and paid. According to the developer, free and paid have the exact same features with no usage or time limitations on free. However, free has a 10 second nag screen that you must sit through multiple times when using AVIToolbox.



2013-07-27_232130 [5]

2013-07-27_222526 [6]


2013-07-27_224407 [7]Where do I even begin to describe how terrible of a program AVIToolbox is.

Just based on features AVIToolbox alone is nothing but mediocre. The three main features of AVIToolbox are: split, extract audio, and take snapshot of videos. Sure that is niche, but that doesn’t sound too bad does it? Well you haven’t heard the catch. The catch is, AVIToolbox — as the name may imply — only works with AVI video files; it does not support any other video format. In today’s day and age, why the hell would anyone want a program that just works with AVI files… when you can get programs that perform similar functionality but work with more formats? That is logic beyond my understanding.

Even if we were to ignore the lack of support for other video formats, AVIToolbox is still something you want to stay away from. Why? Because it is buggy. You see in order to use AVIToolbox, you need to have the respective AVI-related codec installed on your computer — AVIToolbox does not come with the codec built-in with the program. If you don’t have the codec installed, AVIToolbox gives you an error and tells you to download the codec. The problem, however, is that even after downloading the codec AVIToolbox would not work for me — it keeps telling me the proper codec is not installed. I even tried restarting my computer, which didn’t help at all. I tested AVIToolbox on Windows XP and Windows 7, and it did the same thing on both: absolutely nothing.

So, to sum up so far, AVIToolbox is a program with limited features and bugs. Oh and don’t worry — it gets better.

Aside from what I have mentioned so far, another major issue I have with AVIToolbox is it really wants you to install bloatware, third-party software, and/or other programs by KC Softwares:

2013-07-27_232130 [5]

Yeah, I think you get the point about this program. I’ll stop now.


Overall, I’m finding it a bit difficult to recommend AVIToolbox.

If you really need the ability to split videos or extract audio or take snapshot of videos, there are various different freeware software you can try:

You are more than welcome to give AVIToolbox a try yourself but I recommend saving your time and effort. Instead of AVIToolbox, check out the various software I just mentioned — they are free and useful.

Price: 14.99 euros

Version reviewed:

Supported OS: Windows NT/98ME/2000/XP/2003/Windows Vista/Windows 7

Download size: 1.2MB

VirusTotal malware scan results: 2/47 [14] (regular download), 0/47 [15] (‘nork’ version), 0/47 [16] (‘lite’ version)

Is it portable? No

KC Softwares AVIToolbox homepage [17]