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Holy crap, these guys made a functional life-sized Wall-E! [Video]

wall-e [1]

The celebration of Geek Week on YouTube continues! Last time, Google showed off what a Unix version of YouTube would look like [2], but this one’s even better. Jamie and Adam of Tested visited Michael McMaster’s workshop to take a look at what he and a group of friends had built: a fully functional, remote-controllable, life-sized version of Pixar’s Wall-E. Yup.

McMaster and his friends apparently had to use objects seen in the movie like VCR tapes to really nail Wall-E’s size. According to him, the Blu-ray was especially helpful since they were able to use high-definition screenshots of the movie to see every detail of the little robot.

The result is amazing. Wall-E looks and even sounds just like the robot we all adored in what I would say is one of Pixar’s best films. But despite how close their Wall-E resembles his big screen counterpart, McMaster and his group will continue to work on and improve the robot.

I’d say they should start working on Eve [3]. Or they could convince the world’s governments to fund them and just build Gipsy Danger [4].

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