Keyme stores your keys in the cloud


We all got locked out of our homes or misplaced our keys at least once in our life time. Honestly, when that happens, there isn’t much you can do. You can either wait for your parents or roommates to get home and let you in or you could hire a locksmith but that isn’t exactly cheap unless you are über rich like Kim Kardashian. Fortunately, there is a new application called KeyMe that can assist you with that inconvenience.

KeyMe scans your keys,”translates the images into diagrams” and save them on the cloud. If those keys ever get lost or misplaced, you can either login and order duplicate keys or you could go to your local locksmith’s shop and get your keys carved according to the diagram. Alternatively, if you live in or around New York City, the company has a few kiosks that can carve keys on the spot.

Storing keys on the cloud is free but accessing them would cost you $10 – hey! that’s much cheaper than hiring a locksmith, right? Currently, the app is only available on iOS, but the company said that Android and Windows Phone apps are “in the works.”

[via Engadget, KeyMe Official Website]

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