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Washing your chicken before cooking it could make you sick. …Wait, what?

chicken germ vision [1]

Did you know that washing your chicken before cooking it is bad? Or, at least that is according to Dr. Jennifer Quinlan of Drexel University Failure. According to Dr. Quinlan, washing your chicken before cooking it could cause for a lot of bacteria in your kitchen and on your person. You see, washing your chicken does not get rid of bacteria on the chicken nor does it make it any cleaner than it already is. All it does is spread germs all over the place.

We’re not sure how many households will adopt this technique of not washing the chicken before it goes into the pot, because a) it sounds like stupid advice and b) when folks are used to a certain method of doing things, it’s going to be difficult for them to change. So the “Don’t Wash Your Chicken” campaign has been launched to convince you:

Personally, I’m still going to wash my chicken because it’s raw and it is what I’m used to doing. Seasoning a chicken and dropping it in a pot without washing feels unsanitary despite how wrong correct this method is. On the flip side, if not washing is the safest method, then hopefully we who are used to the old ways of doing things will eventually get our thick heads out of the sand and make a difference within our household before someone gets infected by a nasty germ.

Let us know in the comments below [2] if you plan on continuing to wash your chicken before cooking it.

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