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‘A Day With PlayStation’ is Sony’s vision for the future of technology and it looks amazing [Video]

playstation [1]

Imagine being able to wake up, see a game invite on your smartphone, then booting up your PlayStation 4 and joining your friends in battle in mere seconds. Or, imagine being able to leave your house and play all your PS4 games from your PS Vita via streaming. Or pressing a button then instantly broadcasting to the world as you shoot down your opponents in real-time.

It’s the kind of setup futuristic setup that I wouldn’t even dare to imagine becoming a reality just a few years ago, but it’s clearly what Sony is aiming for this time around.

With that, Sony has proposed an attractive-looking future with interconnected devices and services, and an ecosystem that normally only the Googles or Apples of the world could accomplish. The only thing left for them to do now is make sure that these things actually work. Then we’re in for a nice treat.