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Owlet Baby Monitor lets you check your baby’s temperature, heart rate, breathing, and more from your smartphone

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The Owlet Vitals Monitor isn’t just your ordinary baby monitor. It’s actually a washable bootie (yes, it’s water proof) that measures vital stats like “heart rate, oxygen levels, body movement, skin temperature, and overall sleep quality.”

The monitor works with a companion iOS app which is currently going through Apple’s evaluation. The app provides a graphical interpretation of a baby’s stats. To use, just place the monitor on your child’s foot and all you need to do is launch the app. Other than checking vital stats, it can also detect if they are sleeping and what position they are in.

It isn’t clear when (if) the app will come to other platforms like Android.

Wondering how it works? Take a look at the below video.

Having been rejected by Kickstarter, the creators have started their own crowdfunding campaign which already exceeded their goal of $100,000. $159 will get you your own Owet Vitals Monitor which some may find a little bit too much, but it is a small price to pay to keep your baby safe and moreover, it give you peace of mind.

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