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How to mount an ISO file in Linux, using terminal [Guide]

iso [1]Curious how to mount an .iso file from the command line on your favorite Linux distribution? This guide will show you how! In no time at all you’ll know exactly how to mount .iso files from your terminal window. Let’s get started!

Before We Begin

Mounting an .iso file can also be done via ‘archive mounter’ in a file manager, but this guide shows you how to do it via terminal.

How To Mount An .iso File From The Command Line In Linux

How to mount an .iso file

sudo mkdir /media/iso

sudo mount -o loop example.iso /media/iso

How to mount an .iso file in read/write mode

sudo mount -o rw,loop example.iso /media/iso

How To Unmount An .iso File From The Command Line In Linux

How To unmount an .iso file

sudo umount /media/iso
sudo rmdir /media/iso


Learning the command line in Linux can be tricky, but ultimately rewarding. This is just one example, with more to come. Enjoy!