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Free Paragon Partition Manger 10 Personal!

Aside from the fact they are usually 100+ MB in file size, a topic about a Paragon freebie is always welcome on dotTech. So, without further delay let me tell everyone Chip.de is running a promotion of Paragon Partition Manager 10 Personal for free! If you want to know more about Paragon Partition Manager 10 Personal and find out what I think about it, feel free to read my full review [1]. Otherwise, you can grab Paragon Partition Manager 10 Personal by following these simple steps:

UPDATE: It seems like this Paragon Partition Manager 10 Personal is in German. I am working on a way to get it in English. I will update if I find a way.

2009-12-02_115707 [5]

If registering, you will need to fill out a form:

2009-08-22_153411 [6]

Note that I only translated the required form fields. The rest of them are optional so you don’t have to fill them in. Also note your password must be 8 characters or longer and the answer to your security question must be 6 characters or longer.

I don’t know if Softwareload.de spams or not so feel free to make use of Mailinator [7], 10MinuteMail [7], or Trashmail [8] if you wish.

After you have hit “Registrieren” button you will get a confirmation page telling you to check your e-mail. So, go to your e-mail that you registered with and look for an e-mail from “support@softwareload.de” with the subject of “Bitte best√§tigen Sie Ihre Anmeldung bei Softwareload”. There will be a link in there:

2009-08-22_154456 [9]

Either click on the link or copy and paste the URL in your browser. At the page that loads up, let it finish loading until you reach a page that asks you for your username and password. Login.

2009-12-02_153710 [10]

2009-12-02_153737 [11]

2009-12-02_153904 [12]

Copy the registration information and download the software (it is 194.6 MB).

If you have any trouble getting it, post below I will try to help.