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For $9,500, you can own this scale mail Batman armor suit [Image]

batman_scale_mail_1 [1]

batman_scale_mail_2 [2]

batman_scale_mail_3 [3]

batman_scale_mail_4 [4]

batman_scale_mail_5 [5]

The above suit costs $9,500 as-is, $10,500 if you want it customized to fit you, and $12,500 if you want a totally custom design. And there appears to be only one available, so you will have the only one in the world. Until someone copies it.

Interested in grabbing it? Please consider send over that roughly $10k to Ashraf instead, he will put it to good use. If you insist, however, you can buy it from Etsy [6].

[via ObviousWinner [7]]